Mutoh 1638WX Valuejet Dye Sublimation printer

  • Fabric Printing

The new 4-colour, ValueJet 1638WX (64") wide format printer is the first dye sublimation printer for polyester materials from Mutoh to feature a staggered dual head set up for improved productivity. As well as incorporating Mutoh's proven design features, this printer has a brand new drop-on-demand printhead with 1440 nozzles to deliver stunning production performance at up to 65m²/hour.

Mutoh 1638WX High Speed Soft Signage

This printer is targetted at high-volume production of soft signage, apparel and textile printing with Mutoh Disperse Dye ink:

  • Soft signage and graphics
  • Home decoration
  • Flags and pennants
  • Sports goods
  • Apparel
  • items such as mouse mats, umbrellas, mugs and more

The new ValueJet 1638WX dual-head wide format printer incorporates:

Mutoh's award-winning Intelligent Interweaving print technology (I²). I² drastically reduces or even completely eliminates defects such as horizontal banding, ink mottle, bleed and the visible effects of missing or misfiring nozzles. To achieve this, ink is laid down in carefully optimised wave forms as opposed to the straight lines used on most wide format printers.

Staggered Dual Head Setup
The new ValueJets incorporate a new generation 'wide' 1440 nozzle piezo drop-on-demand printhead. Each colour section has 360 nozzles (2 x 180 nozzle rows/colour). The head is capable of producing ink drops ranging from 3.5pl to 35pl, allowing a wider range of ink dots at faster speed.

The new dual head offers a unique blend of high speed and high quality. As well as featuring Mutoh's new wide piezo printhead, higher carriage speeds and ink firing frequencies and adapted weaving algorithms give an impressive increase in production speed as well as optimised ink spread and improved drying.

Compatible with Mutoh's worry-free water-based Disperse Dye inks which offer excellent nozzle stability for high-speed, high-volume printing. The inks produce rich, vibrant colours and offer excellent colourfastness. These inks deliver top scores in wash fastness, rubbing and perspiration. 1 litre and 5litre bottles are available


  • Production speed range: 10m²/hour to 65m²/hour
  • Typical production speeds up to 42m²/hour (360 x 720dpi) and up to 65m²/hour (360 x 360dpi)

Configuration Options

  • Different winding/unwinding systems available
  • Optional bulk ink system
  • Mutoh's Unifixer 65 calendar will heat transfer dye sublimation prints from paper to fabric


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