HP is EcoPrint Europe Live 2012 headline partner17 Nov 2011

HP is the headline partner for EcoPrint Europe Live 2012 the new eco print event which takes place in Berlin from 26-27 September next year

We see a future where all print will be EcoPrint.

Why? Because we believe that the forces of change are impossible to resist.

Consumer pressure, Customer demands, Corporate Social Responsibility, Compliance to legislation and the need to Control Cost are together placing a huge amount of pressure on manufacturing supply chains throughout the world.

When the world’s biggest and best known brands have made a public, strategic and global commitment to sustainability, the time is right to embrace sustainability at the core of your business.

These companies include some of the world's leading brands such as: Nissan, Pepsico, Intel, Astra Zeneca, Adidas, Walmart, Yamaha, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft Foods, Phillips, L’Oreal, Konica Minolta, Unilever, Sony, Marks & Spencer, GSK, Samsung, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Intel, Nokia, Vodafone, SAP to name just a few.*

And Print simply has to respond to this shift.

EcoPrint Europe will focus on the business of sustainability and the commercial benefits that it has by providing access to focused help, technical information and inspiration on the business of sustainability.

Our aim is to unite all elements of the supply chain from brands and marketers, to print service providers through to the leading manufacturers of sustainable print solutions and equipment. EcoPrint will undoubtedly clear a path for the future for sustainable print production and will be a powerful forum for discussion and action around standards and solutions to enhancing print’s sustainable practices and addressing its ‘dirty image’.

EcoPrint will provide guidance, from strategy through to application, enabling visionary professionals to network, learn, collaborate and gather practical information to equip their business with the right strategy, the right products and the right practice for the future.

This unique event is dedicated to what we believe is the biggest and most important change that any business has to make in the foreseeable future.

And that is to become more sustainable, responsible and profitable.

So we ask our community, ‘Are you ready?’ because, what is regarded by many as a fringe, marginal issue is about to become mainstream. It's inevitable. And if you and your business are not ready for this shift, you will find yourself in a position where your business may not be able to meet the demand for sustainable print from the buyers.

Attending EcoPrint will provide answers for those that want to make change now and 'ready' their business for a successful future.

And we invite everyone to get involved, make a contribution and help to achieve something valuable for the print community.

We hope you decide to Think, Talk and Take Action, by attending EcoPrint 2012.

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